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A Wearable Activity Tracker Video is Worth Reading a Thousand Reviews!

Check out this awesome video from Garmin we just found posted earlier in November on YouTube. The first video is described on YouTube as being shot during a Red Bull Air Race and Team Garmin pilot Pete McLeod tests his plane in racing conditions over the Austrian Alps. He captured his adrenaline pumping adventure on Garmin VIRB XE and tells a better story with the help of G-Metrix.

Recently published in November is the Garmin vivosmart HR which describes the video with this great teaser; If you like to know your heart rate when you walk, run, step, stretch, jump, skip, ride, bike, pedal, cruise, glide, swim, golf, play, go, move … then you should probably wear this. Meet the activity tracker with wrist-based heart rate. Compare Garmin devices in our dedicated Garmin Shop.

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What are the best activity tracker and wearable GPS products and brands?

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GPS Trackers for Dogs Reduce Your Worry!

GPS trackers for dogs are a great way to not worry when the door is left open – or someone opens the gate!

We love know that technology is here to help with our four legged friends. Some GPS trackers come with apps for your mobile phone and some just let you log into a website. Read reviews and research which GPS dog tracking device is best for your particular situation. Continue to shop and let us know if you find a better brand or have a GPS product you love!

You Want to Track Your Daily Steps?

Activity trackers are a great way to make sure you get up and move throughout the day – as we sit way too much!

Activity trackers are a great way to use your mobile phone to see how much activity you do during the day, how many steps you take on a walk or simply compete with friends in virtual contest. The contests work, so make sure you pick an activity tracker that has all the capabilities that are important to you. We love the Fitbit for many reasons, however take a look for yourself and read the reviews in our Fitbit Shop. Continue to shop and let us know if you find a better brand or would like us to add your favorite style!

Running a half marathon – why should you train with a running watch?

Running watches help motivate, track and push you to get better!

You are OBVIOUSLY one of the smartest visitors because you found us and we know that YOU know all the benefits of running. We love tracking all of our runs with a wearable running watch. Why? We love the tracking capability, we love the ability to see our pace to make sure we are going to complete the challenge in our planned time and we love to look back as see how much we have improved over time. Please let us know if you have any product suggestions to add to our marketplace.